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At OpenIP and Citadel, we love to hear feedback on our blogs and news. Creating inspiring posts can often be difficult with so many to read! VPN Geeks recently got in touch however saying one of our OpenIP articles had inspired them to delve into the murky world of cyber crime statistics.

Aptly named, 21 Terrifying Cyber Crime Statistics, it is a follow up from our Are you in denial? Time to wake up to the risks of cyber crime which was penned two years ago. This in itself proves that still we are a little blind to what is occurring in the world of cyber and that these criminal practices are rampant.

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Jack Foster for VPN Geeks takes a look at the following:

#1 | 780,000 records were lost per day in 2017

PER DAY! Imagine that in paper form…..

#2 | Over 24,000 malicious mobile apps are blocked daily

It is well known that certain app practices are not the best, downloading APK files, using jail broken phones and the fact PlayStore does little to check what type of apps are being uploaded to their platform although this is being worked on.

#3 | Microsoft Office file formats are the most used file extensions

This is probably because we are so used to seeing these formats and they hold an initial trust.

#4 | The U.S., U.K., & China are more vulnerable to Smart Home attacks

Smart TVs, fridges, CCTV … IoT is very much in all our homes but many are not secure and are often used as pawns in DDoS attacks.

#5 | 21% of files aren’t protected

If you think of the amount of data available, this is HUGE!

#6 | Healthcare industry ransomware attacks will quadruple

As it is a honeypot of information, a severely underfunded NHS and other healthcare institutes are going to face much more challenging attacks.

#7 | Cyber Crime to cost $6 trillion by 2021

If the other stats don’t have you listening, maybe the cost implications of these attacks will – that is enough to pay the UK national debt three times over.

#8 | 30% of phishing emails in the U.S. are opened

Still a favourite attack of the cyber criminal.

#9 | 58% of U.K. businesses sought cyber security advice

This is actually amazing news as it is a huge hike on previous numbers. However it still shows a large portion are not seeking advise, we need to reach out to more companies especially SMEs.

#10 | 300 billion passwords worldwide by 2020

The trend of passwords is still increasing year upon year. If these passwords are not properly protected then that is a whole lot of potential threats.


To read the rest of Jack Foster’s crime stats blog, click here. We want to thank them for getting in touch and that we have inspired such a fantastic piece.

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