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Cyber security and the plan needed for each business is completely unique to that company and its customers. With such a broad spectrum of hardware, software, training and qualifications available it can sometimes be hard to find the right plan for you. At Citadel, we specialise in looking at your business to find the weak points and can advise how to bolster these to prevent possible attacks.

Don’t be the next cybercrime statistic.

cyber security consultancy

Cyber security can often feel like a vast and worrying place, full of acronyms, hooded characters looking to steal your personal data and confusing, often conflicting advice.
Citadel Cyber Security have dealt with many companies who have felt this way, guiding them to the best personalised solutions for their business. Be it a florist, a chain of small retail stores or large data soaked industry such as an accountant, each and every business can and should implement a level of cyber security.

For us to give the best advice we can provide it is recommended we follow three simple steps;

Step one cyber securityGet in touch!
Either by calling our team or using the contact form.

Step two cyber securityArrange a Face-to-Face
This allows you to meet some of the team and for us to see your business and what you require in person.

Step three cyber securityFormulate an action plan
Once we have discussed your bespoke business needs, we will formulate an action plan for you.

So take the first step today and call or email a member of our team and we can begin the process for you.