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Cyber Security Expert In The Spotlight

Our Cyber Security Expert In The Spotlight Is Andy Starr

Andy is one of those geeks, the ones who could tell you all the little aspects of cyber security you never knew you needed to know. All the little aspects which help to build a stronger foundation for your company and for the data of your customers.

cyber security lancashire ethical hacking

We often use “The key is in the details” and when it comes to Andrew’s passion (all things cyber) never a truer statement has fit.

With his recent qualifications as a Certified Information Systems Security Professional and a cert for Ethical Hacking, Andy is your go to cyber security expert.

His wealth of knowledge has been passed down to the team, however and Andy will be the first to praise them on their know-how and expertise. Many of the staff are not cyber security based, however with the strict security regimes implemented at Citadel along with always advising our clients on best practises it has come as second nature to them.

One of Andy’s favourite aspects of cyber security is DRP or Disaster Recovery Planning. Helping hundreds of companies realise the threats they face and what could happen if holes are left untreated. Read more about DRP (Disaster Recovery Planning) here.

Based in Bolton, UK but having helped companies not only throughout Lancashire but the length and breadth of the country Andy is the ideal man to have on your team if you are serious about sorting your businesses cyber security and other security aspects, along with the rest of his friendly cybercrime fighting crew.

I am sure any of the team will welcome your call or use the contact form.