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Are the robots coming for your job?

Are the robots coming for your job?


It’s highly likely the majority of you reading have already watched the Amazon GO video circulating recently which shows a full, self-service grocery store where customers shop and pay on their phone.

The video seems to have divided the population into those excited about this innovative move and other terrified that the robots are coming for their jobs.



The team at Citadel are techies through and through and of course will be on the side on technological advancement. That being said we do know where the other half is coming from.

People are worried that this move by Amazon is slowly going to replace the human workforce. Already with the introduction of self-checkout we are seeing less and less humans at the final stage of our weekly Asda shop.

We just want to remind everyone that no matter how intelligent our robots get, they are still incapable of replacing that human contact. Despite the implications we will always need customer service assistants, security and warehouse operatives.

Technology shouldn’t be demonised or feared, it should be embraced and used to our advantage. At Citadel we think we are in the best place possible in this paradigm shift. As technology advances the need for next generation security does too.

Watch this space, we could be defending an Amazon GO network near you!


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