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At Citadel Cyber Security, we have a wealth of knowledge in an array of areas within cyber security. Our experts have drawn on experience and training for many years and have helped companies from small to large corporations achieve their security goals and prevent countless acts of destruction and data theft.

With a mix of resources such as disaster planning, Cyber Essentials audits, hardware and software, Citadel are your ideal partners when it comes to protecting your business and the data of your customers.


Our visions at Citadel Cyber Security are simple;

To ensure all business; small to large have access to affordable, tailored cyber security solutions to help their companies security and that of their customers.

To provide cutting edge advancements in software, hardware and planning in cyber security.

To learn and develop our own skills and knowledge to then pass that on to our clients.


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Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster recovery planning

For details on how we can assist your company with a disaster recover plan

Managed Firewalls by Just Firewalls

Managed Firewalls

From small business solutions to a firewall sandwich by Just Firewalls

Citadel Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Assistance with penetration testing from Citadel Cyber Security Services

Cyber Incident Response

Cyber Incident Response

Cyber incident response services by Citadel

Cyber / Computer Forensics

Cyber Forensics

Do you need your digital data analysing or suffered an attack?

Cyber Security Consultancy

Security Consultancies

Not sure what your business needs? Speak to our consultants


At Citadel, we are proud that each of our team members are vested in cyber security. The brand has developed from the passions that each shows through learning and developing their own talents within several sectors. Disaster planning, pen testing, recovery, forensics and R&D. This means no matter who you talk to on our team we will be able to collate the best package to your specific requirements.
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